19ga REBAR TwinTier(#3x#3 to
#7x#7)w/battery charger&case


Volume: 15.8
Weight: 15.8


MAX RB441T ReBar tying tool - Up to #7x#7

Rechargeable battery operated Rebar tying tool


  • DOUBLE THE SPEED-The TwinTier's "Dual Wire Feeding Mechanism (patent pending)" increases productivity.
  • COST SAVINGS-The TwinTier's "Wire Pull-Back Mechanism" dispenses the precise amount of wire needed to form a tie, reducing wire usage.
  • SHORTER TIE HEIGHT-The TwinTier's "Wire Bending Mechanism (patent pending)" produces a shorter tie height. Less concrete is needed to fully cover a wire tie.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS- Use of the TwinTier reduces the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome and other muscular skeletal disorders.
  • BIG JAW-Tie between #3x#3 and #7X#7 rebar
  • ENCLOSED DESIGN-Greater protection against debris and moisture entering the tool
  • SLIM ARM-A thinner arm fits easily at a 45° angle for tight ties.
  • BELT HOOK-Hang the tool from your belt while not in use.
  • MORE TIES PER CHARGE-Lower power consumption per tie allows the TwinTier to produce approximately 4000 ties per charge
  • QUICKLY & EASILY LOAD TIE WIRE-Rapidly load the dual wire coil with new quick load magazine design
  • EASY PUSH GEAR RELEASE-Effortlessly open gears to quickly feed wire when loading the wire


  • WEIGHT 5.6lbs
  • DIMENSIONS 11-1/2"(H) x 4-3/4"(W) x 13"(L)
  • TYING SPEED Approx 1/2 second
  • TIES PER COIL Approx.­145-265 ties
  • TIES PER CHARGE Approx. 4,000 ties
  • RE-BAR SIZE #3 ­x­ #3 to #7 x #7
  • TIE WIRE TW1061T(Regular Steel wire),TW1061T-EG(Electro Galvanized wire),TW1061T-PC(Polyester-Coated wire)
  • ACCESSORIES Battery pack JPL91440A (1pc.) AC Battery charger JC925 Carrying case / Belt hook


  • Precast concrete products
  • Building foundation
  • Road and Bridge construction
  • Precast plants
  • Floors and walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Swimming pool walls

Additional Information:

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